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Hey there! I actually just realized that a few of my commissioners don't actually follow me here, but I figured I'd mention it, anyways!

I'm slowly working on getting my heaviest commissions (and also most expensive) out of the way first, before moving onto the others.

Freebs are also on my lowest priority, but if you won some of my art in a raffle (that random number raffle and this animated one recently), I WILL be doing it soon! Just not until after my commissions are done! I apologize for the delay! But please look out for that soon ;U;/

Flight Rising Post || ToyHouse Post || Iwaku Post || Tumblr Post (Coming Soon) || Wajas Post (Coming Soon) || My Artists 'n Clients


On Tumblr || On Flight Rising || On Toyhouse || In Forums

Sketch Commissions::
0.) Name - Character - Commission Type - Post/Note/PM - Location - Paid?

Wajas Commissions:

Other Commissions: 
- Rinne - Paid
 - - -rinne where did you go bab ; - ; -
- moyaofthemist @ Aywas
 - - 4 animated commissions
 - - - for sunchaser jewelry
And a bajillion comms for Wonder & Belph

Art Trades:
- KuraisCreatures -> bust of This boy

Kiribans / Contest Prizes:
- Taco - Chuboi
- Vel - Lovely Maid
- Kissuli - Pretty Boy

Other things to do:
DMAC Contest - Fill things out as you get the chance.
Freebs - Low Priority
Contest Winners

Commissions - High Priority
Art Trades - Second Priority
Freebs - Low Priority
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Puppet Animation

Click for larger resolution!

Ever wanted to see your character in motion? Wanted to see the way they'd stand in an idle stance? Well, you've come to the right place!

My main commissions for this round will be animated puppets. They are essentially 100% customized full-body drawings of your characters and drawn in such a way that I can animate piece by piece in After Effects. Now that I've figured out how to perfectly loop (loop without you really knowing where the end and start are), I'm feeling more confident about selling them. These two full-body examples I'm showing here are the only ones I have that perfectly loop, as the bottom example is where I discovered how to loop in such a way, but you can expect your image to look just like this! Well, as your character, of course. So, details!

Click for larger resolution!

Pricing ::

Each animated puppet is $150 USD base-price. The price will go up depending on the detail of your character.
Animation Included in Base Price ::
• ONE Character
• Blinking Eyes (One pair of eyes)
• Hair Sway
• Limb movement (Full arms, full legs, wings, tail)
• Basically, think something similar to Secondary Example 3
Animation NOT Included in Base Price ::
• More than 1 Pair of Eye Blinking ::
• • • > Add $2 USD per pair of eye

• Hand Joint Movement (See hand movement in first two examples, Secondary Example 1, and Secondary Example 2) ::
• • • > Add $5 USD per hand, $10 USD for both

• Jaw Movement (Like the second example and as seen in Secondary Example 1 ) ::
• • • > Add $5 USD for jaw movement/opening mouth

• Overly Detailed Characters (like the first example) ::
• • • > Any animation with over 60 assets (animated parts) will be much more expensive

• Multiple characters will be a minimum of $100 extra
A simpler animation option will be made in the near future. They will be $60 USD base-price. Look out for them!

Older Examples ::

Breathing Slot ::

Do you want to see even more detailed animation on your character? Fully-shaded hair, fully-shaded character, in this lineless style? You're in luck! I'm offering waist-up animations like the one above as a bribe.

However, I will take nothing less than $200 for something like the above. These are categorized as "Bribe" slots.

Said animation will include various hand-drawn animation (eye blinking, expression changes), and other small details. Don't be afraid to hit me up if you're interested or want to know more! I will only take one of these slots at a time.

I am currently adding a second option for these kinds of animations!

Lineless Art

Lineless Art Sales

Since I'm well aware that the animated commissions aren't entirely the cheapest things ever, I'll also be adding another option! Lineless art! This is a new "style" I've been working on, and would love to finally make available to more people! This style is obviously fully-customized to your character, whatever pose and et cetera you would like!

So... Details 8D

Pricing ::

Please note, these are all BASE prices, so if you come to me with a more complicated character, the price WILL be higher!
Full-Body :: $40 USD
Waist-Up :: $30 USD
Headshot :: $20 USD
** Please note, these prices do NOT reflect shaded hair/fur
Extra Charges (per character) ::
• Written-Only Descriptions ::
: : : Includes designing humanoid designs without prior designs
• • • > Add $10 USD

• Shaded Hair/Fur ::
• • • > Add $5 USD

• Feral or Furry Designs ::
: : : Dragons, Wolves, Furries; Anything that is NOT humanoid
: : : MLP-Style Ponies are the exception. They're simple enough to not require extra work
: : : Characters/Designs like these do NOT add an extra charge
• • • > Add $10 USD

• Bat Wings (Dragon-esque, Leathery Wings) ::
• • • > Add $3 USD per wing

• Bird Wings (Feathered Wings) ::
• • • > Add $6 USD per wing

• Extra Complex/Elaborate Details ::
: : : Including but not limited to: lots of details/apparel, crystal/facet, metallic/alloy, complex accents, tattoos, etc.
• • • > Anywhere from +$5 USD to $100 USD
Multiple characters will be ::
• • • > Full-body :: +$35 USD
• • • > Waist-Up :: $25 USD
• • • > Headshot :: $15 USD

Line'd Artwork

Regular Lineart-Artwork!

And finally we arrive back to the headshots (and now more!) that started my entire endeavor with selling artwork over on FR! These are all High-Quality, lineart'd pieces customized to your character and their personality.

So!! Details!!

Pricing ::

The base price of this style is:
Full-Body :: $50 USD
Waist-Up :: $40 USD
Headshot :: $30 USD
What comes in the Base Price ::
• Simple Designs
• 100% Fully-rendered (Shaded, Lineart'd, Colored)
• 1 "simple" companion pet
Extra Charges (Per Character) ::
• Written-Only Descriptions ::
: : : Includes designing humanoid designs without prior designs
• • • > Add $10 USD

• Flowing Manes/Lot of Fur (including Fur Pelts) ::
• • • > Add $5 USD (headshots) $10 (waist-ups) or $20 (full-bodies)

• Companion Friend ::
: : : Like a familiar or some such
: : : Value varies depending on complexity of companion.
: : : Price per companion.
• • • > Add a minimum of $10 USD

• Feral or Furry Designs ::
: : : Dragons, Wolves, Furries; Anything that is NOT humanoid.
: : : MLP-Style Ponies are the exception. They're simple enough to not require extra work.
: : : Notes, these reflect an extra charge on Waist-Ups and Full-Bodies ONLY!
: : : Characters/Designs like these do NOT add an extra charge.
• • • > Add $10 USD

• Bat Wings (Dragon-esque, Leathery Wings) ::
• • • > Add $5 USD per wing

• Bird Wings (Feathered Wings) ::
• • • > Add $7 USD per wing

• Extra Complex/Elaborate Details ::
: : : Including but not limited to: lots of details/apparel, crystal/facet, metallic/alloy, complex accents, tattoos, etc.
• • • > Anywhere from $5 USD to $100+ USD
Multiple characters will be ::
Full-Bodies: An extra $45 USD, not counting the extra charges.
Waist-Ups: An extra $35 USD, not counting the extra charges.
Headshots: An extra $25 USD, not counting the extra charges.


Rules, Do's & Don't's, & Terms of Service for Commissions

There is a TL;DR found below, because I know this is a lot to take in.

Basics ::

• Once I have finished your piece and you have paid for everything, I'll give you the image in whichever size(s) you want. If you want the full-sized .png, please tell me ahead of time.
• • • I work on a 3000x3000 + pixels at 300 dpi, so the original image will be huge, if you want it.
• • • For regular artwork it'll be a .png.
• • • Puppet Animation Commissions shall receive: 1 Still of artwork (at whatever sizes) and 1 GIF of the animation (at whatever sizes.)
• For the most part all artwork will be turned in with a transparent background. If you want a colored backdrop, please ask!
• For more examples please visit my old account's Gallery or my Tumblr!
• I WILL make art for characters that have written-only references! Please note that I will charge more if such is the case!
Please fill out the form below!!
• Tips are always welcome ;v;/

Payment ::

• For Commissions over $100: You will pay HALF of what you owe at the BEGINNING and the rest of it once I give you a watermarked image of your piece! Only once I receive the FULL payment will I give you the non-watermarked piece(s).
• For Commissions $99 and under: You MUST pay IN-FULL prior to me starting your piece!
• If you need other payment plans, please ask!
• I am ONLY taking PAYPAL commissions!
• Do you have a Flight Rising, or have/had one and are no longer active, and don't have USD as a means for payment...? Check out the same shop I've got on FR!
• As of today, the only way I will be charging through invoice! You do NOT need a paypal for me to send you an invoice! All I need is an active email address and a credit/debit card. After we confirm the price and payment, I shall ask for your (paypal) email and you send the invoice!

Rights to the Piece ::

• Once I give you the finished piece, you can do whatever you darned well please with it, except for take credit, re-sell it for higher, or remove my signature from the piece. You can post it and use it wherever with credit where it's due.
• You will allow me to use the piece in my professional portfolio.
• I will also post the watermarked version of the artwork on my DeviantArt and my Tumblr ONCE PAYMENT HAS BEEN COMPLETED. You can post your version wherever or use it however you want with credit and a link back to my FR, dA, or tumblr page!

Deadlines ::

• I work sooooo much better with deadlines. If you want your piece within a week, give me an exact date, and I will have it done by then. If you want it the same day, I will be unable to due to work and other things—but I can do two-day turnovers. Two-day turnovers, however, will cost extra. If you want your piece the day after you have commissioned me, I will be charging extra! Say, if you want a piece that costs X amount done by tomorrow, I'll require at least half the cost to be added to the overall price. This is because I'll need to dedicate 100% of my time towards the commission to get it done as soon as I can. I hope that makes sense v3v
• Aside from that—a week or so is more reasonable for me. Giving me a deadline is muchly appreciated.

Contact ::

• Please PM me here, ping me here with the form filled out, or email me at nia.alyce.zen @ gmail .com (no spaces) if you're interested in a commission. We will come to a conclusion on price through said means.
• My available means of contact are email, FR PMs, Toyhouse, DeviantArt notes, Discord, and Skype.
• Throughout the process of me working on your piece, depending on the complexity, I may send you anywhere from 1 to three(3) (or more) watermarked WIPs (works-in-progress.) During this time, feel free to ask me to change anything, so long as it's not a MAJOR change when nearing completion. This will come at no extra cost. Please note that if you paid in full prior to the completion of the piece the WIPs will not be watermarked.
• I will message you with WIPs through your preferred means of contact.
• If it's an animated piece, I will NOT allow any changes after lineart has been completed and animation has begun, unless you are willing to pay extra. I will send progress checks in the sketch process, though.
• I will try to get the piece out to you in a maximum of a week wait. If I cannot, I WILL be in contact with you!
• -- For this reason, PLEASE include your active email when ordering! In case I take a LONG time, I don't want to risk you going inactive and thus lose contact with you.
• -- Contact is key. I will ALWAYS be in contact with you if things don't go as planned and my work gets delayed. Please let me know if there's an easier method of communication for you for contact
• I will send you the final, watermarked piece, and once you finish the payment, I will send you the non-watermarked piece(s). If you paid in full at the start, you will receive the full piece sans watermark.

Do's & Don't's ::

Do's ::

• Males
• Females
• Androgyns {no-gender/gender ambiguous}
• Non-Binary
• Anthropomorphs of any level {aka: furries.}
• Creatures (animals, dragons, monsters, etc.)
• Couples (of all sexes & Sexualities.)
• Avatars from other sites (IMVU, Gaia etc. with credit where due)
• Original characters
• Artistic Nude/Half-Nude {aka, swim suits, thongs, etc.}
• Suggestive drawings {that do not go into NSFW lengths. Think of pin-up drawings, and stuff like that. I.E., like the example I have above.}

Don'ts ::

• Backgrounds
• NSFW {aka: pornographic content. If you're unclear about my definition of Artistic Nude vs NSFW, please ask.}
• Anything over NC-17 (baaasically NSFW)
• Mecha
• Overly-cluttered designs
• Some Non-Canon Couples**

**I'll turn down most OCxCanon ships unless it's in those open-world games (Fallout, Skyrim, Dragon Age, some dating sims, etc). Anti-canon ships (say, taking NishikixNishino from Tokyo Ghoul to ship Nishiki with Kaneki,) will all be turned down. Plausible ships will be considered, and only turned down if they personally make me uncomfortable (Say, FriskxSans from Undertale, typically any taboo ship \ o ^ o /)
Any questions? Please ask!
TL;DR :: Thank you for considering commissioning me and I'm SO SORRY for the wall of words :'D This is all for the sake of ensuring we both get the best out of this, since my primary commissions this round are all relatively pricey. If this is too much for you, please fill out the order form and/or ask me and I'll summarize for you and how it'd apply to your order!

Thanks again!


Slots, Pinglists, and Order Forms for Commissions!!

Slots ::

Animated Puppet ::

0.) Username - Character(s) - Post/PM - Paid: Y/N - Place
1.) Lake - Over on Flight Rising

Breathing Puppet ::

0.) Username - Character(s) - Post/PM - Paid: Y/N - Place

Lineless ::

0.) Username - Character(s) - Post/PM - Type - Paid: Y/N - Place

Line'd Artwork ::

0.) Username - Character(s) - Post/PM - Paid: Y/N - Place

Order Form ::

*Anything marked with an Asterisk is REQUIRED.
<b>Username</b> :: *Username
<b>Request</b> :: *What do you want me to draw?
(Animated | Lineless (type) | Line'd (type))
<b>Budget</b> :: *What is your Price-Range?
<b>Offer</b> :: (Only if you aren't paying in USD. Refer to my Rules)
<b>Deadline</b> :: *The day you want it by!
<b>Reference(s)</b> ::
*Link(s) to whatever you want me to draw for you.
*I'll work off DETAILED descriptions, too!
<b>Notes</b> ::
Personality of the character? Pose for the drawing?
Anything else I need to know?
<b>Secondary Method of Contact</b> ::
*Email, skype, discord--In case something goes
awry and I need to contact you through another method.

Waitlists ::

General ::


Animated Puppet ::


Breathing Puppet ::


Lineless ::


Line'd Artwork ::



Limited-Time Specials for my shop!!

First-Hit Discount!

For the FIRST person who orders an Animated Puppet, your base price will be a cheaper! It's not going to be a 5 dollar discount, not a 10, not even a 20 dollar discount! It's a whopping FIFTY-DOLLAR discount! So that means that the commission will be $100 USD instead of $150!

Discount will be applied immediately, no code words or nothing.
Look out ;> I might have more sales available here and now!


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